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Great Christmas gift for a snake lover. Includes aquarium with heat and light. She is about 4 years old and a few feet long. Contact us for pictures. Currently eats 2 small live mice weekly. Type name is deceiving, she is brown and black not white. 06480 google map | yahoo map
Strax arrived with multiple health issues but is now a happy sweet and calm leopard gecko. His persist issue is possible sight depth perception issues so he prefers to be tong fed his insects but is a willing and eager eater who enjoys meal worms super worms dubia roaches wax worms horn worms and silk worms.Given his easy going nature Strax would be great for some looking for their first gecko....
Astrid is an approximately to year old female leopard gecko who arrived with moderate-to-severe MBD (metabolic d disease) which had caused a sofed jaw irregular arm position and occasional tremors. While Astrid will never be normal with a strict calcium regime she has made tremendous progress and is ready to find her forever home.Given her weakened b structure we prefer Astrid to go to a home w...
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